Enjoy your assets while The Circle optimizes them.

Fully manage, digitize and monetize all luxury assets within a single secure platform.


Efficiency, Traceability, Security, Reliability, Privacy

The Total Solution for all high-value assets.

The Circle delivers the pinnacle of services for clients who wish to purchase, sell or exchange a high-value asset of any type, but the benefits don’t just stop there, as the main drive of The Circle is to subsequently support the day-to-day management of the asset to save you the client incredible amounts of time and money, and make the whole ownership experience infinitely easier whilst being more secure and removing the possibility of fraud.

  • Fast and efficient initial set up for yachts and related assets, including tender boats, helicopters and submarines.
  • Save time and money during yacht acqusition, sales and charter transactions, eliminating unecessary fees along the way.
  • Hire the right Captain and Crew using secure and unforgeable smart contracts.
  • Advanced AI takes the stress and time out of planning maintenance schedules, optimizing the yacht’s availability.
    Efficiently verify all aspects of required yacht maintenance, regulations, and safety rules, and easily manage provisions globally on one centralized, secure and intuitive platform.

Redefining Luxury Asset Management.

  • Increase your security with our unique patent pending 12 stage Multi-Factor-Authentication system, which along with our advanced KYB, KYC and AML controls guarantees you complete privacy and confidentiality of every transaction.
  • Save time, money and paperwork by utilizing our Smart Contracts to securely buy, sell, rent, charter, donate or exchange assets.
  • Protect your Legacy and ensure your vision, philosophy and experience can be passed onto future generations, as The Circle aggregates and safeguards for perpetuity all historical documentation, transactions and directives.
  • Leverage the maximum financial benefit by using your digitized assets, with monetization being achievable faster and at better value than traditional methods.
  • Gain complete transparency of every cost or service associated with your asset.
  • Acquire total call privacy with The Circle private encrypted cell phone network.
  • Take full control of the asset from any device, from wherever you may be.