Aero Consortium


Introducing the The Circle AERO Consortium, the independent Think Tank which focuses on the aerospace industry and its use of Blockchain 2.0 & 3.0, Artificial Intelligence and Data control and the many benefits that these will deliver, now and in the future.
The AERO Consortium foundations are now ready after 18 months analysis and work by world leading Blockchain experts, Artificial Intelligence by The Circle Inc and aerospace specialists. We now invite applications from experienced professionals who want to make a real difference to the future of the aerospace industry.
The goal of the AERO Consortium is to discuss, work on and propose ways of improving the security, traceability, safety and efficiency within the industry.


The Consortium is divided into several working groups, so that differing expertise’s and skill sets can focus fully on the following individual sectors of the industry:

– Aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers, equipment manufacturers along with their subcontractors.

– MRO and FBO.

– National and international regulatory and certification bodies.

– Financial organizations in the aeronautical sector.

– Training and Education organizations.

– Private aircraft Fleet Managers.

– Freight charterers and freight transport operators.

– Insurers and Reinsurers.


The Consortium is working alongside The Circle INC to propose and create new solutions in the following areas:

  • – The Interoperability of Blockchains and Digital Ledger Libraries (Both private and public) .
  • – Interconnections between the aviation business ERP and those interoperable blockchains.
  • – Security of documents and the identification of individuals (Smart IDs).
  • – Traceability of all actions, processes and products (Digital Passports).
  • – The fight against counterfeit or sub-standard replacement parts.
  • – Modernization of product certification and services submitted to a national or international authority (Smart Contracts).
  • – Drastically reduce errors related to the human factor (using Artificial Intelligence).
  • – Contextual training adapted to new products.
  • – Ensure all trading complies with AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Client) laws and recommendations.
  • – Increase both safety and monetary savings by the removal or reduction of repetitive tasks (Smart Service)
  • – Automation (and centralization) of all suitable business processes
  • – Accelerate and simplify the way separate parties communicate and do business together, including, sales, exchanges and rentals (Smart Contracts).



Each project area is worked on during seminars which are held in France, UK, USA and Asia, although remote connections are also offered.

All work completed is then collated into the Global framework of the single interoperable secure end-to-end process management system.


Contact us at any time should you have any questions.
We are offering the correct candidates the opportunity to make a real difference to the future of the aerospace industry.
Act today!


You will benefit from collaborating with industry experts, and help with the architecture of the next generation of tools to support the aerospace industry.
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The Aero Consortium is independent of The Circle Inc, who is the developer of the first interoperable blockchain in SaaS format, however, The Consortium will influence and prioritize the development routes The Circle will take.




Building on the success of the AERO Consortium, it is envisaged that other consortiums will be formed later in 2019 and in 2020. Areas already being investigated are the Automotive sector (especially autonomous vehicles), yachting and commercial navigation, and then the luxury industry including fine art. We invite you to propose any other markets that require future-proofing with new technology.


How it works


Membership in the Consortium is through online subscription. The sponsorship of 5 elements of your level of contribution, gives you free access to the Consortium and the working groups. All of the investment partners in The Circle Inc. are members of the Consortium.